table top chain

Top chain conveyor (non-standard equipment) is a normal conveying system,there are flat plastic chain conveyor,stainless steel chain conveyor,roller chain conveyor,gripper chain conveyor,spiral chain lifting conveyor.
1.Product features: simple structure, beautiful appearance, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, widely used in various industries.
2.Main conveying forms: horizontal conveying type, turning conveying type and climbing conveying type,spiral type.
3.Products:straight running conveyor,curve top chain conveyor,spiral slat chain conveyor,inclined chain plate conveyor,stainless steel plate chain conveyor,plastic chain conveyor etc.
4.Driving form: motor driven.
5.Chain plate width: 63.5, 82.5, 88.9, 101.6, 114.3, 152.4, 190.5, 254.0, 304.8 mm.
6.Slat chain: POM, stainless steel 304 /316 /201, carbon steel, profile ), colors(white or coffee).
7.Body support: stainless steel, carbon steel with color painting, etc.
8.Conveying speed: generally 10-40m /min; frequency converter can be used for speed regulation according to user’s needs.
9.Application: widely used in beverage, beer, food, tobacco pharmaceutical, printing, cosmetics and other industries. Such as filling, labeling, spraying code.The chain conveyor with baffle is particularly suitable for conveying powder and bulk materials. Due to different electric control modes, continuous intermittent operation can be realized, which provides strong guarantee for the production of customers.

820 Straight running plastic chain

821 High friction straight running plastic chain with double hinges

821 Straight running plastic chain with double hinges

821 Straight running roller chain

823 Side flexing roller chain

826-K325 Minor radius side flexing chain

843 Straight running chain

880M Side flexing plastic chain

880TAB Side flexing plastic chain

880TAB-RT Side flexing plastic chain

880W Side flexing plastic chain with holes

882TAB Side flexing plastic chain

FH882TAB Side flexing plastic chain

1050 Heavy-duty chain

1060 Heavy-duty chain

1873 D type gripper chain

1873 gripper rubber chain

1873 Series spiral chain

1873 Vertical Chain

1878 Small side flexing plastic chain

3873 Plastic chain

Case conveyor chains 1400 / 2600

963 Straight running chain

Corner tracks for slat chain conveyor

TKL-W40 chain

Multiflex chains

SS812 Straight running stainless steel chain

SS802 Straight running stainless steel chain with double hinges

SS802 High friction steel chain with double hinges

SS881 Stainless steel side flexing chain

SS881TAB Stainless steel side flexing chain

SS881M Stainless steel side flexing chain

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