other spare parts

Conveyor components

Maxsen has a big production plant where there are a plastic injection molding workshop and a metal sheet workshop.  Our spare parts are including modular belts, flexible plastic chain, plastic top chain, steel top chain, roller, levelling feet, guardrail/guide, bracket, sprockets, wear strip etc. These components are widely used for conveyor equipments, packing machines, labelling machines, filling machines and other automatical industrial equipments.

Wear strip for conveyors and packing machines

New type guide MX-20 with brackets

Aluminum guide and C profiles with brackets

White guardrail for conveyors and packing machines

Guardrail with brackets for flexible chain conveyor

Single row or multi rows roller guide

Single row swerving roller guardrail

Single lane or multi lanes roller guardrail

Swerving roller guardrail

plastic adjustable levelling feet

levelling feet for conveyors and packing machines

wear strip


Frame support bases – Bipod / tripod

roller transition chain

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