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Maxsen has a large production plant with more than 12000 square meters. The factory is mainly made up of three parts:

*Injection Molding Workshop: produce plastic spare parts for conveyor equipments,such as modular belt,top table chain,flexible chain and other plastic accessories.The materials are all raw material,no any waste material and used material.

*Components Workshop: assemble chains or belts into modular belting, to chain belting, flexlin chain belting for conveyor systems and so on.
*Equipment Assembly Workshop: produce all conveyor frame supports,then technicians assemble together with chains or belts into conveyor equipments.

Once conveyors are finished,we’ll send videos and pictures of testing to customers for checking. If the customers say Okay, we’ll make packages and send out right now.

Injection Molding Machines

Laser Cutting Machine

Bending Machine

Handling Materials Of Our Conveyor Beltings As Bellowing:

Our Services

1# Design conveyor drawings according to the requirements from customers

2# Customize conveyor systems

3# Distribute conveyors and packing machines spare parts

4# Provide complete transmission line solutions

Customization service

Customize conveyor line system according to the customer’ requirements

Distribution service

Factory directly supply accessories for conveyor and packing machines

Featured Industries

Our products are widely used in food, beverage, canned food, dairy products, condiments, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, tissues, electronics, tobacco, chemicals, pharmaceutical, logistics and other industries.

Food Industry

PU belt or PP modular belt conveyor for food production packing

Chemical Industry

Flexible chain conveyor is outer packaging of chemical products

Water & Baverage Industry

Top chain conveyor is for water bottling and outer packaging

Tissue Paper Industry

Modular belt conveyor is for napkin inner and outer packaging

Our advantages

Proffessional Engineering Team!

Factory Directly Supply!

Competitive Cost!

High Quality!

Fast Delivery !

Satisfied Sales-service!

Hot-sales customized conveyors

flexible plastic chain conveyor line

plastic modular belt conveyor line

SS chain accumulation conveyor table

Spiral cooling tower conveyor for pet food dryer

Inclined belt conveyor system

Bottle gripper chain conveyor system

Roller conveyor line system for boxes or pallets delivery

Plastic top chain conveyor line

90 ° or 180 ° degree curved conveyor


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